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The Ex-Prisoners Interpretative Centre (EPIC) was established in the early 1990s to facilitate the reintegration of loyalist, political motivated prisoners upon their release. Since this time, EPIC has responded to the needs of ex-prisoners and their families, particularly those from Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) background. By acting as a successful influencer, advocate and service provider, EPIC continues to represent and reflect the concerns of the political ex-prisoner community to external agencies and sectors including; government departments, academia and the public in general.
EPIC has successfully implemented a range of programmes and initiatives over the past 3 decades, with direct benefits to individuals, families and the wider community. As a key agent for social change, EPIC seeks to;
  • Work for the removal of social, legal and administrative barriers facing the political ex-prisoner community as a result of imprisonment;
  • Work to prevent the transgenerational transmission of violence;
  • Develop relationships with, and facilitate access to external agencies and service providers;
  • Facilitate inter and intra group dialogue, discussion and collaboration;
  • Provide welfare advice and tailored support to political ex-prisoners and their families;
  • Support political ex-prisoners to become architects of their own transition process (from the desistance from political violence, to active leaders contributing positively to society);
  • Consider the legacy of conflict, conflict transformation and peace-building at the local and international levels;

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